‘Friendly Fire’ Reported as CIA Personnel Shot at Own Aircraft
New Revelations on Assassination Plots, Use of Americans in Combat

National Security Archive FOIA Lawsuit Obtains Release of Last Major Internal Agency Compilation on Paramilitary Invasion of Cuba

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UK government signs formal cooperation agreement with Cuba

“The signing of this agreement should be another nail in the coffin of the unjust and discredited ‘EU Common Position’ which has so hampered the development of relations between our two countries. Now that the UK has, along with many other EU nations, signed forward looking cooperation agreements, we very much hope that this will see a new and better era of relations to the mutual benefit of the people of Cuba and the UK”

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Saul Landau’s Documentary on Terrorism Against Cuba Screened in Cuba

Present at the screening was Nestor Garcia, a professor at the Foreign Affairs Higher Institute who was interviewed for the documentary. Garcia said that, as Landau has said, this film is a tribute to the Cuban Five, the anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in US jails.

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U.S. government contracts reveal Miami journalists on the payroll

the U.S. government—through its official propaganda agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors—was covertly paying prominent Miami journalists who, at the same time as the government conducted its prosecution, saturated the Miami media with reports that were highly inflammatory and prejudicial to the Cuban Five.

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