FREE THE CUBAN FIVE! Open Letter to the People of the USA and President Barack Obama

Dear Friends of Justice and Decency,

The Swedish-Cuban Association together with the Swedish Free the Five Committee and Cubanos por Cuba have decided to send an open letter:

“To the People of the USA and President Barack Obama”

The letter has been written by Tomas Widén who together with Vania Ramirez are contact persons of the Swedish Free the Five Committee. Tomas is a veteran of the campaign to free the Cuban Five, that in Sweden officially started with a petition at the Swedish-Cuban Association’s Annual General Meeting the 16th of March 2002. In 2004 Tomas led a three week hunger strike demanding Free The Five, and since then the campaign here in Sweden never lost speed. Our open letter expresses our concerns. We are well aware that President Barack Obama with his signature can free Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino. Together we must all increase international pressure and give support to the Free The Five movement in the USA.

The letter has been posted to President Mr. Barack Obama at the White House and a copy sent to the US Embassy in Stockholm, Attention: Ambassador Mr. Mark Brzezinski.

The letter is enclosed here as PDF files in English, Spanish and Swedish together with a brief introductory accompanying letter.

Best regards from Sweden
Martin Österlin, President of the Swedish-Cuban Association

Al pueblo de los Estados Unidos y al Presidente Obama

To the People of the USA and President Barack Obama

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