Pressekonferenz der “ANSWER Coalition” und Übersetzung des neuen Essays von Stephen Kimber

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wie Ihr dem Anhang entnehmen könnt, erregte die Pressekonferenz der “ANSWER Coalition”, des “US-National Committee’s” und der “Alianza Martiana” vom vergangenen Donnerstag in Miami doch einiges Aufsehen.


Immerhin berichteten auch A.P. (siehe unsere Übersetzung unten vom 30.5. 2014) und Reuters neben Prensa Latina, siehe die entsprechenden Links im Anhang auch zu dem Antrag nach dem “Freedom of Information Act” den die Gruppen beim US-Außenministerium wegen der neuerlichen Terroranschlagskomplotts aus Miami gestellt haben.


Außerdem möchten wir Euch auf unsere Übersetzung des neuen Essays von Stephen Kimber hinweisen, siehe 1. Juni

und auf die letzten Meldungen der FG-Essen, siehe:


01.06.2014, US-Blockade trifft FG Essen:

Artikel: »US-Blockade gegen Cuba: OFAC – Der lange Arm Washingtons erreicht das Ruhrgebiet«

Brief der FG Essen an die Bundestagsfraktionen wegen Behinderung des freien Handels durch die USA

Brief der FG Essen an den Petitionsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestages wegen Behinderung des freien Handels durch die USA

Brief der FG Essen an die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Bafin) wegen Behinderung des freien Handels durch die USA

Pressemitteilung: »Behinderung des freien Handels – US-Regierung stellt völkerrechtswidrige Blockade gegen Cuba über eigenen Anspruch auf Freihandel – Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba e.V. Essen meldet Protest an«


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Josie und Dirk

  • 1. Juni 2014: Der Autor des Buches “What Lies Across the Water, the Real story of the Cuban Five” Stephen Kimber vergleicht in einem Artikel mit der Überschrift “Gerardo Hernández: So schuldig wie ihm angelastet? Alan Gross: So unschuldig wie behauptet?” den Fall von Gerardo mit dem des in Kuba inhaftierten US-Amerikaner Alan Gross.
    (Quelle: Realcuba’s Blog vom 30. Mai 2014)
  • 30. Mai 2014: Auch Prensa Latina berichtet über die Bemühungen des “National Committee to Free the Cuban Five” und der “ANSWER-Coalition” bezüglich der vier verhafteten Terroristen und der Cuban Five.
  • 30. Mai 2014: Gestern fand eine Pressekonferenz des “National Committee to Free the Cuban Five” und der ANSWER-Coalition zu der Verhaftung von vier Terroristen aus Miami in Kuba und den Cuban Five statt.
    (Quelle: Miami Herald vom 30. Mai 2014, auch Associated Press (AP) berichtet)



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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Press conference in Miami demands

answers on anti-Cuba terrorism 

Recent arrest of four Miami residents in Cuba
highlights ongoing campaign of violence

Brian Becker and Andrés Gómez at the press conference

Several organizations, including the ANSWER Coalition, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five and the Alianza Martiana held a press conference in Miami, Fla., on May 29 to demand the U.S. government fully reveal its relationship with terrorists who are staging attacks from Miami against Cuba. Seeking full government disclosure, the groups submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the CIA, FBI and U.S. State Department.


The press conference was attended by Associated Press Spanish and English departments, Reuters, ABC TV, CBS TV, The Miami Herald, Radio Miami, Al Jazeera, local news WLTV 23 and others. Pacifica KPFK and Cuba’s Granma and Prensa Latina issued stories as well.


On April 26, Cuban authorities announced the arrest in Havana of four men from Miami, who admit they planned to launch armed attacks on military installations in Cuba. The four are Raibel Pacheco Santos, Obdulio Rodríguez, Felix Monzón Álvarado and José Ortega Amador.


But the four detained terrorists did not act alone. They have named some of the most notorious and dangerous individuals with long terrorist histories – from Miami – as directing their planned attacks: Santiago Álvarez, Osvaldo Mitat and Manuel Alzugaray.


Santiago Álvarez first began his history of violent armed actions after being trained by the CIA in 1961. He engaged in an armed offshore attack on Cuba, killing two men and wounding two teenaged children. Since then, Álvarez has repeatedly financed armed attacks on Cuba, especially as financier of Luis Posada Carriles. Posada Carriles is widely known for having engineered the bombing of a Cuban airliner in Oct. 1976, killing all 73 passengers and crew aboard.


ANSWER National Coordinator Brian Becker said, “Thousands of Cubans have died over the past decades as a consequence of terrorist actions, many of them staged right here in Miami. The point of the FOIA documents is to find out the truth. When the American people learn that the government knows of and supports terrorist activities, the American people will repudiate this. They don’t want terrorism.”


Over 1,600 people have already signed a petition to President Obama, calling for an end to U.S. support of the Miami terrorists and instead that the Cuban Five anti-terrorists be freed from U.S. prison. Click here to sign the petition.


Andrés Gómez, representing the Alianza Martiana and the Antonio Maceo Brigade, said, “Yesterday, President Obama asked Congress for $5 billion to continue the fight against terrorism worldwide. Here in Miami we have been under threat from terrorists in the Cuban American community for the past 50 years. Any of us living in this city can be subjected to violence.”


Gloria La Riva of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five said, “We demand more than ever the freedom of the Cuban Five, three of whom still remain in prison. They were saving lives by stopping the Miami terrorists’ plans, yet the FBI arrested the Five instead of the terrorists.”


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National Committee to Free the Cuban Five 

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