Neuste Nachrichten zu den Cuban 5 vom 2.5.2014

hier sind wieder unsere neusten Nachrichten zu Eurer freundlichen Kenntnisnahme.

Außerdem findet Ihr im Anhang zur Erinnerung an unsere allmonatliche Briefkampagne an das Weiße Haus die Weiterleitung der Nachricht vom Internationalen Komitee über den jetzigen Brief von Greg Landau, dem Sohn des verstorbenen Filmemachers Saul Landau (“Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”), an Präsident Obama.

  • 2. Mai 2014: Heute erhielten wir vom “National Committee to Free the Cuban Five” eine E-Mail unter dem Titel “Amnesty International Report zum Fall der ’Cuban Five’ hebt die Sache der von der US-Regierung gekauften Journalisten hervor”.
  • 2. Mai 2014: Unter DOWNLOADS gibt es ein neues Flugblatt zu den Rechtsverletzungen im Fall der Cuban Five.
  • 29. April 2014: Die weltweit agierende Menschenrechtsorganisation Amnesty International (AI) beschuldigt die US-Regierung, den Fall gegen die Cuban Five “auf Lager zu halten” [stacking eigtl. stapeln, Anm. d. Ü.].
    (Quelle: E-Mail von der Cuba Solidarity Campaign vom 28. April 2014)

Mit herzlich-solidarischen Grüßen

Josie und Dirk

International Committee for the   Freedom of the Cuban 5
Music Producer Greg Landau Sends  a Letter to Obama Asking for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 


Greg Landau is an award-winning music/video producer, educator and music historian with a doctorate from UC San Diego’s prestigious School of Communication. Over the last 20 years he has produced six Grammy nominated CD’s and among the over 50 CDs, numerous film sound tracks and videos. His musical productions have been featured in films and television including the new Benjamin and Peter Bratt film, “La Mission”, Oliver Stone’s, “Comandante”, Survivor: Nicaragua, CSI Miami, The Family Guy, Dexter, Burn Notice, Nash Bridges, Punk’, HBO’s Hemingway and Gelhorn, and several PBS documentaries. He teaches at  UC  Santa Cruz, and San Francisco City College and has served as a Governor of the Nation Association of Recording Arts and Sciences/



May 5, 2014


Dear President Obama,


I am writing to you to ask you to review the case of the Cuban Five.  These men acted to stop the terrorist activities being carried out in Florida by Cuban exiles against their homeland.  My father, Saul Landau, gathered abundant evidence of the activities of these groups that operated with impunity in Florida with tacit support from local government officials who looked the other way at their illegal conspiracies to carry out armed attacks on Cuban soil.


The Cuban Five men were convicted in 2001 and have served lengthy sentences. The time has come to let them go, to end the cold war mentality that has shaped the United States-Cuba policy for decades despite huge shifts in the geopolitics that created them.  The release of the remaining prisoners would signal a shift in U.S. policy to Cuba and a desire to heal past wounds opened decades ago in a world that does not exist anymore.  The Soviet Union has disappeared, we now have normal relations with China and Vietnam, Cuba poses no danger to the United States, except as an example of the irrational policies of the past.


I have taken many student groups to Cuba over the last decade and they are amazed at the difficulty that the U.S. government policies have created for ordinary Cuban citizens and their desire to end this senseless blockade of our neighboring island.  Free the Cuban Five as a gesture to end this political barrier to friendship between the United States and Cuba,




Greg Landau

Music Producer







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