“Five Days for the Cuban Five” set for Washington, DC, June 4-10


For the third year, a series of events entitled “5 Days for the Cuban Five” has been scheduled for Washington, DC. The events include an opening press conference, a two-day public conference entitled “A New Era of US/Cuba Relations”, a Friday night cultural event, and two days of Congressional lobbying. We urge all supporters of the Five Heroes who can to participate as much as possible in this very important series of events. 


The most publicly visible of the events will be a noon rally in front of the White House on Saturday, June 7, and we urge all supporters of the Five who are able to join us at that rally, as well as at as many other events as they are able. Raising the visibility of the case of the Cuban Five remains a key task in our effort to free Gerardo, Ramón, and Antonio.


Five Days for the Five is organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five. The schedule, including the venue of some of the events, is still being finalized, but here is a preliminary version:


* Wednesday, June 4, 11:00 am: Press Conference. Speakers will include René González and Fernando González (via Skype).

* Thursday-Friday, June 5-6, 10:00 am-5 pm Thursday, 10:00 am-2 pm Friday: Two-day conference entitled “A New Era of US/Cuba Relations.” The conference will include an opening plenary session, short videos, cultural presentations, a round table and panel of experts to talk about the blockade, the travel ban, the economic changes taking place in Cuba, cultural and religious exchanges, the case of the Cuban Five and others.

* Friday night, June 6, Details to be announced.

* Saturday, June 7, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Rally in front of the White House (across the street from Lafayette Park)

* Sunday, June 8, 10:00 am: Orientation for visits to Capitol Hill

* Monday-Tuesday, June 9-10: Lobbying visits to Congress


For locations and other details on the events, and updates as they occur, visit 5daysforthecuban5


Fernando González speaks to

Cuba’s National Assembly



Cuban Five hero Fernando González, back in Cuba after finishing his unjust sentence in the United States, spoke recently to the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power. You can read the entire speech here. Some excerpts:


“We cannot allow for Ramón and Antonio to have to complete their sentences in those prisons and much less, that Gerardo pass the rest of his life in that place that he does not belong.”


“I have no doubt about the will of everyone to work for the return of our three brothers. I call on you, Cubans of all ages, the thousands of friends of Cuba and of the Five in all parts of the world to consecrate all the energy and initiatives possible to achieve this objective as soon as possible.”


National Committee to Free the Cuban Five 

Email: * web: www.freethefive.org * Tel: 415-821-6545







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