Brief an Obama wegen Krokodilstränen zu Nelson Mandela

Übrigens konnten auch wir uns nicht enthalten, uns wegen der aktuellen und wieder einmal total heuchlerischen Berichterstattung über Nelson Mandelas Ableben sowie auch über die von Präsident Obama wieder einmal hochdiplomatischen “Krokodilstränen-Rede” zu beschweren und zwar bei der ARD-Tageschau als auch auf dem Formular auf der Website vom Weißen Haus (dort sind nur kurze Texteingaben möglich). Hier unser Text: Dear Mr. President Obama, as many people on earth I appreciate your words to Nelson Mandela’s passing away. However, you forgot to mention, who actually helped to overcome the Apartheid in South Africa! You should be as honest as to say that it was Cuba who fought successfully at the side of the ANC. Moreover, within the peace negotiations Fidel Castro’s only condition was to free Nelson Mandela! Three of the Cuban Five had fought in South Africa too, all the Five of them are regarded as “the new Nelson Mandelas” having fought without arms against the terrorism being carried out against their country from US soil. Four of them are still incarcerated in your country for having done their altruistic work. You would act in the spirit of Nelson Mandela, if you pardoned them immediately. This would be much more convincing than your speech to honor Nelson Mandela. Please, use your constitutional power! Sincerely Josie und Dirk Brüning

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