Dear friends of Cuban people,

I      Serbian Committee to free the Cuban Five, the President Goran Petronijević, the lawyer, Serbian-Cuban Friendship Association, Belgrade, Vice President Sveto D. Dobrijević, friends of Cuba his day from 10:00 – 16: 30 pm realized sharing of yellow ribbons in the capital of the Republic of Serbia in solidarity with five.     This day it marks 15 years of prison of wrongfully convicted Cuban heroes.

II      This way the Serbian people confirmed that they are sincere friends to Cuban people and that they support the Cuban Revolution. At 17:00 pm the column set off next to the U.S. Embassy. In front of the U.S. Embassyhe, the General Secretary of KP, Natasa Radulovic, read a letter of solidarity with the Cuban Five and the Republic of Cuba. The letter will be mailed to the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.

III     At the same time, before the luncheon, Goran Petrović, prominent Serbian lawyer and the Committee chairman held a panel discussion about the Cuban five in front of diplomatic corps, advisors to the President of the Republic of Serbia, prominent lawyers, actors, Serbian intellectuals, activists of Association and Committee. There has been held an exibition about the Cuban Five. All participants wore yellow ribbons. The lawyer, Petronijević announced a fierce fight for truth and justice, as well as his participation in the Third World Summit of Solidarity with Cuba in 2014. year.





President, Goran Petronijević, lawyer,


Zorica Dobrijević Dabić, Secretary,



I delever you the letter read in front of U.S. Embassy

Today, 12 September 2013, on the day when 15 years ago five Cuban heroes were deteined in U.S. Prison , I proudly put a yellow ribbon around my arm to show rage rage against the injustice inflicted on the Cuban patriots, and the entire nation.

Why would one Serb protest to this injustice passing by the Embassy of the USA in Belgrade?

Because the USA are holders of capitalism and their economy is the war economy.

Because the injustice has not been made only to the Cuban people, but also to the Serbian, Venezuelan, Libyan, Syrian, Palestinian, and many other nations. Today, we gathered at the protest, we sympathize with the friendly Cuban people who bear the impact for more than 50 years.

Because the Serbian patriots are also prisioned in the pseudo court of law in Hague.

Because we are aware that the capitalistit „democracy“ is not based on human rights, but the profit which is based on the principle of absolut private property, in whose name the worst atrocities have been carried out as lawful and legitimate acts.

Because we are aware that „the fight against the terorism“ carried out by the capitalists, in fact is a struggle in which they wish to gain a monopoly on violence, to make the terrorism an instrument for ruling the world.

Because we know that the U.S. and its allies are funded and trained terrorist groups all around the world using them as a tool to achieve their plans.

The real victims of the United States’ terrorism, Cuba, Serbia, Libya, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Syria, Palestine and many others.

Cuba, taking the victory in the Revolution bacame the land of freedom. Being in the neighborhood of the U.S., Cuba have been the victim of the teroristic atacks from air, land and sea. U.S. gather, fund, and train a small group of Cubans in their territory making them the dangerous terosists in order to use them against the Cuban revolution. U.S. is a shelter for terrorists responsible for the overthrow of the Cuban aircraft for civilian traffic. In the U.S. are imprisoned the Five Cuban Heroes who Havana sent to collect the informations from the Cuban imigrants- terrorists, regarding their upcoming terrorist attacks in order to prevent the ones.

In the last elections in Venezuela, the United States sent the massive financial and logistical support to the opposition to win the elections and prevent the continuation of the revolutionary path of the commander Chavez. They failed because the Venezuelan people won preserving the revolution.

Using the terrorist actions they have poisoned the progressive leaders of Latin America.

They destroyed the legitimate authority in Libya in the name of democracy and human rights, giving the Libyan people the fear, chaos, lawlessness.

Today we witness the violence that the United States make the Syrian people, their terrorists infiltrated into Syria, armed, and bloodthirsty revenge, are declared the so-called opposition and fighters for freedom. They used chemical weapons, and we can infer from whom they received the weapons.

Who are the terorists then? Of course, those who because of their greed for profit destroy humanity causing damage to nuclear plant, burn and clear forests and jungles, drain oil and all sorts of waste into the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, those who drop bombs with depleted uranium all around the world, brings people into debt slavery and strip them of basic civil rights and freedom. Those are the terorists.

Consequently, today capitalism and humanity are the two mortal enemies. Many years ago the capitalism Capitalism started terrible and ruthless war against humanity which must take general war against capitalism in order to stop their machinery of death and preserve nature and humanity from destruction.

The October Revolution was not a cause but a consequence of the collapse of the Russian Empire. The Cuban Revolution was the result of the collapse of the capitalist regime of Batista, the new world revolution will be the result of collapse of the U.S. Every place on earth where there is the struggle against capitalism and modern imperialism is not, like they say, the “Hotbed of terrorism”, but the center of the world revolution, an oasis of freedom.

Today the center of Belgrade, due to progressive people from Serbia is the .oasis of freedom where is said NO to imperialism and capitalism and where is being given support to the Cuban Five, to Cuban, Syrian, Venezuelan, Lebanon, the Palestinian people.

Fatherland, socialism or death!

Until the final victory!




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