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Dear Friends of the Cuban Five  
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René González and Fernando González!
Rene Fernando

Two of the Cuban Five have birthdays in August. Be sure to send them a birthday greeting!You can write to Fernando directly at the prison (address below) or transmit a greeting via our email address below. This will be Fernando’s last birthday in U.S. imprisonment, as he will be freed in February 2014, and he turns 50 this year, so even more reason to celebrate, including the fact that René is home in Cuba now! This gives all the Five’s supporters more impetus to fight for all Five brothers to be home with their loved ones and people asap! You can send your birthday greeting for René to us and we will forward it to him.

René González was born August 13, 1956.
Fernando González was born August 18, 1963.

Fernando is registered in prison as Rubén Campa, so you have to address the envelope as:
Rubén Campa, #58733-004
F.C.I. Safford
P.O. Box 9000
Safford, AZ 85548
Then inside the cards and letters, you can write to him as Fernando.

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