German Youths Support Cause of the Cuban Five

An emotional encounter for the freedom of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in US prisons marked the last day of the delegation from the German Communist Youth (SDAJ), who concluded their visit to Cuba on Monday. 

At the Jose Antonio Echevarría Higher Polytechnic Institute (CUJAE) – main venue of the University Solidarity Network with the Cuban Five-, the members of the SDAJ spoke about the activities they would carry out in Germany to spread the cause of the Cuban Five and demand their immediate return to Cuba and to their families.

In the meeting, attended by Aylí Labañino, the daughter of Ramón Labañino, one of the Cuban Five, the visitors expressed they intended to work anywhere and by all means to break the silence imposed by the media around the case, to establish communication strategies and to increase the actions to sensitize the people in Europe to the case.

SDAJ president Björn Schmidt said that the Cuban Five are deeply committed to Socialism and to the Cuban people. He added that they will update their comrades on the details of the case; of which little is known in Germany due to the wall of silence created by the US media around the case. «Now we have greater and true information on the case to break this wall, » he said.

Julián Gutiérrez and Gisleidy Sosa, coordinator of the network and official of the National Committee of the Young Communist League (UJC) respectively, together with Aylí updated the visitors on the irregularities of the trial against the Five and the work carried out by the Network to sensitize the international community with the case.

On behalf of the families of the Cuban Five, Aylí thanked them for their solidarity and all the actions taken in the struggle to demand the freedom of the Cuban Five. «It is remarkable to see how much you have cared for our fight. It tells us that we are not alone and it keeps us in high spirits and in admiration to go ahead with the battle. »

«It’s been 15 long years; the children are no longer kids; they’ve grown up with this fight. Seeing young people like you so worried and committed with our cause brings us closer to its end, especially when we know you’ve left your families to support us. »

At the end of the meeting a mural depicting the struggle for the immediate freedom of the Cuban Five, the contrast between Capitalism and Socialism and the world struggle against imperialism, was unveiled.

For more than 20 days, the members of the SDAJ fulfilled an intense program of activities in which they exchange experiences with organizations and visited places of historical, social and political interest.


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