Solidarity with Turkish activists

the network cuba germany wrote a solidarity mail to Friendship Association Cuba-Turkey “Jose Marti” regarding the Taksim activists in Turkey. Attached the letter and the answer to the turkish collegues.


Esteemed friends of Netzwerk-Cuba;

we are thankful having received your solidarity message. It is very important to rise the voice of peace, solidarity and brotherhood world wide. The AKP government plays a dangerous role in middle east. In all of the countries where AKP government takes part of the US policies innocent citizens are dying. Our hope is the fall of the AKP government.

Best revolutionary regards,



Friendship Association Cuba-Turkey “Jose Marti”

2013/6/26 Gehrcke Wolfgang Mitarbeiter 01 <>

—–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
Von: Harri Grünberg
Gesendet: Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013 14:43
An: ‘
Betreff: Solidarity

Dear Friends of the Friendship Association Cuba-Turkey “Jose Marti”

Let transmit you the solidarity of the German Cuba solidarity movement (Netzwekr-Cuba) with fight of the Turkish people against an authoritarian System under the rule of the reactionary Islamic Party of the AKP. Turkey is playing also a reactionary role in the middle east. With the help an in the interest of the United Stadtes of America the Turkish AKP government of Erdogan tries to control the whole region. It tries to implant reactionary puppet governments. Also against that the Turkish people is fighting. There are the same enemies that are fighting against her progressive left movement in Latin-American and against Cuba specially.

We saw with proud the people on the streets in the place of Taksim fighting peacefully against the forces of the system we wish you to be victorious. We are convinced that the Turkish people will win and get rid of the reactionary government.

With deep appreciation

Harri Grünberg
President of the network Cuba Solidarity in Germany (Netzwerk-Cuba)

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