Solidarity with Turkish People

Hier ein Aufruf der Türkischen Comapañer@s:

Dear friends,
as you all know in Turkey we face difficult days. Turkish people are under repression of policemen and turkish government.
The cultural center Nazim Hikmet where our branch in Ankara is also located has been bombed with many gas bombs by the policemen last week.
We need your solidarity.
Please do whatever you can.
Many thanks,
Friendship Association Cuba-Turkey “José Martí”
Here is the last message of Taksim Solidarity:

Appeal to the whole world;

the police violence which began on 14th day of the protest at Taksim Square Gezi Park in Istanbul still continue at midnight.
After having seen that in the morning the awkwardly scripted scenario of provocation of the policemen could not be achieved, police began attacking with continuous gas bombs which resulted in hundreds of injury, brain trauma in people that has a large number of casualties. Due to the dense gas around Taksim Square die all the animals and birds.
People are located in Taksim Square and Gezi Park, children continue to resist all attacks, they are risking their lives to protect their honor.
We invite all the people of the world to stop the police violence which has been ordered personally by the turkish government.
Solidarity of Taksim

Onur Ç.



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