Join our Friendshipment Caravan this July –
See Cuba for Yourself and Challenge the US Blockade.
This year, through an exciting educational and cultural program, we will celebrate the 24th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba  and 25th anniversary of Pastors for Peace!
Cuba is well known for its rich culture and focus on human development – all which comes from investment in human beings. We will meet the young scientists, doctors, teachers, social workers, artists, musicians and community activists who are increasingly at the forefront of developing their own society, and participating in internationalist missions to assist the peoples of other countries.  Join us on a voyage of friendship and discovery!
WAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED —Organize a caravan event in your community:
Check our website to see if there is an event already organized near you. (new events being added daily)
AND if there is nothing near you (or even if there is) …..
Organize a caravan event during Cuba Caravan Week, July 8-15! It can be a large event — or inviting a few friends over for a pizza and discussion.  Check here for organizing materials and articles for downloading and discussion.  (Hint: there will also be some short videos you can download — and other organizing suggestions.  Call us if you have questions or comments, or email us for more info.

 Or call our IFCO/Pastors for Peace office 212-926-5757.

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