A Special Appeal from the National Committee

Cuban 5 2012 composite
Mon., June 10, 2013

A Special Appeal
Dear Friends of the Cuban Five:
For almost five years now, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five has been engaged in intense investigation efforts, to reveal the full extent of the U.S. government’s illegal payments to the Miami “journalists.” Their false and inflammatory coverage created a highly prejudicial anti-Cuba atmosphere which led to their conviction.
If it were not for the dedicated and brilliant work of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund attorneys, our work would have been hopelessly stymied by the U.S. government’s stonewalling. As you know, the Five’s Habeas Corpus appeals are largely based on the issue of the Miami journalists’ illegal and secret pay. For almost five years, PCJF’s legal work for this struggle has been pro-bono. 
I ask you on behalf of our Freedom Struggle for the Cuban Five, to read the very important message below from PCJF, announcing a new lawsuit to help expose the government-funded propaganda operation against the Cuban Five. I encourage you to read about the lawsuit below, forward it to your friends, and contribute so that this important legal work can go forward.

Gloria La Riva, coordinator, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Major lawsuit filed against State Dept. related to corruption of justice in Cuban Five case
Mara, press conf
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, exec. dir., PCJF,
at June 5, 2013 press conference
A new chapter has opened and we need your support in our legal work exposing the corruption of justice in the case of the Cuban Five.
We have just filed and are fighting a major FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. State Department which has illegally refused to release documents from 1998 to 2002 related to the large-scale, covert propaganda operation run by the U.S. government that secretly paid Miami-based journalists who conducted an inflammatory campaign in the media against the Cuban Five.
Please make an urgently-needed, tax-deductible donation to support this major truth-telling lawsuit by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) that aims to expose how the trial of the Cuban Five was a complete corruption of justice.
Attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) have carried out painstaking work pro bono for the past four years that has exposed a covert domestic propaanda operation by the U.S. government that violates U.S. law and essential Due Process rights.
Please show your support for this ongoing work of the
PCJF. We can do this work with you but not without you.PCJF Motion Button
The thousands of pages of documents that we have already uncovered expose that the U.S. government kept on the government payroll a stable of “independent” journalists who provided hostile, inflammatory and false stories about the Cuban Five before, during and after trial – and while the non-sequestered jury was deliberating.
The documents that were secured through PCJF’s detailed government transparency effort became a basis for Habeas Corpus Appeals that were filed for the Cuban Five.
The new lawsuit against the State Department is of immense importance because the State Dept. is withholding documents about the secret payments to journalists at a critical time period for the Cuban Five – just before and during their trial. If the State Department has nothing to hide, why would they be refusing to release documents that they are legally required to produce in response to the FOIA demand filed two and a half years ago?
With your help we are aggressively pursuing the truth. We will fight tooth and nail to remedy this injustice. The Cuban Five were denied a fair trial. By forcefully acting together we can right this terrible wrong.

– From all of us at the Partnership for Civil Justice
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National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
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