Briefe an US-Botschaft und -Konsulat zum 12.9.2012, Josie und Dirk, Komitee basta ya

Brief an die US-Botschaft: 120912US-Botschaft-3

Brief an das Konsulat in Düsseldorf: 120912 US-Konsulat-3

Mail an das Konsulat in Düsseldorf:
Dear Ms Janice G. Weiner,
dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

by this we want to express our deepest sympathy on the very September 11 when nearly 3,000 of your people, 11 years ago, became victims of terrorist acts in 2001.

However, we cannot help, but remembering and commiserating another event, the 14th anniversary of which will be tomorrow, on September 12, when 10 so-called Cuban spies had been arrested in 1998.
Five of them “cooperated” with the prosecution by saying: although, they had not got any military secrets (The FBI did not not find any, indeed)  they would have tried to get them.
Therefore, they received minor sentences in return,
while the other five, the “Cuban Five”, as they are internationally known, kept to their truth of having just infiltrated infamous Cuban exile groups for preventing their terrorist acts.
These terrorist acts had caused 3,478 dead and 2,099 invalid people until 1999, which Cuba could prove infront of the UN.

After having read the legal documents in the case of the Cuban Five during all these years, we urge you for informing your government because of our grave concern about the unjust treatment the Cuban Five have to endure, as well as their families.

For this reason, we will demonstrate tomorrow afternoon near your consulate in Düsseldorf again, as we had done in former years on this occasion, and send you a respective letter.

Thank you very much for your appreciated attention in advance

Josie Michel-Brüning

und Dirk Brüning

Members of the German Committee to free the „Cuban Five“, ¡Basta ya!

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