US-Außenministerium: “Administrativer Fehler” im Fall Gerardos – Nachfrage von Basta Ya

Dear Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton,

dear Spokesperson, Mr. Ostick,

dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Staff,


this time, I write on behalf of the German “Netzwerk Cuba – Informationsbüro e.v.”:

We learned by Cuban sources about the “administrative mistake” by which Cuban Consular visits

could not happen in the case of

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo,

No. 58739-004

United States Penitentiary

P.O. Box 3900

Adelanto, CA 92301

Moreover, his attorney Martin Garbus was not allowed to review the legal documents regarding the anew filed habeas corpus motion with his client Hernández in prison.

Recalling that such “administrative errors” don’t occur for the first time in the case of the Cuban Five,

especially when just a new appeal in their case was filed, we, the international observers from abroad, are in grave concern.

We would like to have an official explanation for this.


Josie Michel-Brüning


On behalf of

German Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five ¡Basta Ya!

Under the auspices of the “Netzwerk Cuba – Informationsbüro e.V.”


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