One of ‘Cuban Five’ Spies Is Released on Probation

Der Originalartikel aus der New York Times und der Leserbrief dazu von Dirk und Josie

beides in englisch:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Mr. Cave,

sorry, your article is containing still more mistakes than those we read during these days in others of the U.S. newspapers.
Having pursued this case since the very first article on September 14, 1998, in “Miami Herald”, we can tell you that this article is teeming with mistakes.

1st: The Cuban government kept quiet until June 2001 when it turned out that their agents really were convicted for “conspiracy to espionage” and one of them even for “conspiracy to commit murder”.

2nd: Cuba would be able for calling in the name of your own law, the “Defence of Necessity”, to release their agents, because Cuba could prove until 1999 3,478 dead and 2,099 invalid people because of terrorist acts carried out from exile Cuban groups based in South Florida. In 2001 they complained exactly this in front of the United Nations, not to mention the economical damage they had because of those terrorist acts. Their agents infiltrated just these groups for preventing their terrorist actions, and they could prevent more 170 of them.
That must have been why, 80 % of all documents gatthered by the FBI from the Cuban Five had been classified as secret by the prosecution in 1998.

3rd: Please, do read their legal arguments of their pending habeas corpus motion at the Federal Court of Miami, see “Legal briefs in the case of the Cuban Five” and “Freedom of Information Act information on U.S. Government payments to Miami journalists”: .

4th Until now, no espionage of US military secrets could be proved, high-ranking military officers testified during the original trial in Miami trial in their favor. The charge of “conspiracy” is based on a testimony of one of the originally 10 arrested Cuban agents, Joseph Santos, then father of a 12 years old boy, who “cooperated” with the prosecution by telling them that he could not manage to spy in the South Commando, but he had been ordered by the others to do so. In turn he got a much less severe sentence.

5th It seems that you never got aware in your place in Mexico of those people across the world, including 10 nobel peace price winners, parliamentarians, lawyers, pleading for their release.

By the way, we belong to those people of the world, who payed in March 2004 for a full-page ad. in your very newspaper for letting the US people know the truth about the case of the “Cuban Five”.

The hypocrisy of your so-called “war on terrorism” is obvious for all of those who are researching honestly in this case and not being on the payroll of the Corporated Medias in the interest of a vendetta moral exercised by your government against a country that does not want to be exploited by the greed of your Corporated Companies any more.

We all know that Miami and its surrounding is a hotbed for terrorists, who are protected by your very government. We are fearing for the life of René González just now.


Josie Michel-Brüning, Pedagogue HDip.ed. and Dirk Brüning, Chemical Engineer i.r.

und hier der Originalartikel aus der New York Times

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