Prozeß gegen Binalshibh u.a. (Guantanamo Six) – article in NYT


9.04 Prozeß gegen Binalshibh u.a. (Guantanamo Six)
FTA Nr. 139/2011 vom 01.06.2011,3728,0,0,1,0#611

Die US-Regierung will ihre Kerker-Prozesse ein wenig
scheindemokratischer gestalten. Ausriß aus NYT:

The Justice Department has eased restrictions preventing lawyers
representing prisoners at the military prison at Guantánamo Bay,
Cuba, from reading the classified files about their clients that
were leaked to WikiLeaks and then made widely available on the

In guidance to the lawyers — who have security clearances, and so
are required to follow government rules for the handling of
classified information — the department’s court security officer
said Friday that they were now permitted to view the leaked
documents on the Internet.

But they are still not allowed to download, save or
print the documents because they might contain restricted

NYT 10.06.2011 (Savage)
Lawyers for Guantánamo Detainees Allowed to See Leaked Files

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