Peru – Präsidentschaftswahl 2011

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9.06 Peru – Präsidentschaftswahl 2011

9.06 Peru – Präsidentschaftswahl 2011
FTA Nr. 107/2011 vom 27.04.2011,3696,0,0,1,0#83

Die NYT skizziert die Kehrtwende Humalas von ehemals linken Positionen
zu eher neoliberalen. Ausriß aus NYT:

In his failed 2006 bid for Peru’s presidency, Ollanta Humala
donned red T-shirts, boasted of plans to assert state control
over energy resources and blasted opponents for warming to the
United States, using elements from the playbook that was then
helping propel leftist political allies of Venezuela to electoral
victories in Latin America.

But in a transformation this year that points to the eclipse of
Venezuela by Brazil, Mr. Humala has swapped the red shirts for
dark suits, explicitly rejected talk of seizing private companies
and celebrated Brazil’s market-oriented economic model, while
distancing himself from Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez.

NYT 30.04.2011 (Romero)
A Candidate in Peru Tacks Toward Brazil’s Course

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